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We offer access to the smartest minds in the business to help you earn better value and security for your investment, both now and in the future.

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It's about making a difference, changing the lives of people.

Fanie Meades

Co-Founder and Director

We enable investment opportunities

The best kind of investment doesn't rely purely on money—success depends on the experience and knowledge of the partners in the deal. We help you earn better value and security for your investment.


Investment Opportunities

Investment Partners

Investment Vehicle

Investment Committee and Board Representation

Corporate Advisory

Enhanced corporate governance provides you with peace of mind

Access to experienced entrepreneurs that add value to your business

Well-structured processes to access and manage opportunities

What do you get?


Short-term and long-term funding in the form or equity or loans


Potential suitors with a list of pre-approved investment opportunities


Equity and skills to partner with businesses searching for a higher-growth trajectory


An investment vehicle that ensures adherence to regulatory processes


An investment committee to oversee and evaluate potential, as well as board representation if required


Corporate advisory support required to evaluate, structure and guide investment solutions for all partners

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