Make Your Money Work Harder For Your Future

We create bespoke wealth solutions that change according to your needs at every life stage. We make your money work harder for your future.

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We'll help you clarify your objectives, needs and priorities and work out what financial milestones need to be met along the way. This will provide you with focus, clear goals and a path to achieve your dreams.

Fanie Meades

Co-Founder and Director

Personalised financial planning solutions

Our expert team of financial planners and wealth managers will collaborate with you, your family and unique business partners throughout your financial life journey to ensure that your wealth is generated, accelerated and preserved for you and those who are most important to you.

Retirement Planning

Local and Offshore Investing

Cash Management and Foreign Exchange

Business Insurance

Personal Risk Insurance

Estate Planning

A trusted partner that takes care of your family's financial security

Save money through tailored solutions and cashflow and tax planning

Peace of mind through well-researched solutions for retirement planning

What do you get?


Retirement plan coupled with independently researched investment portfolio to get you to your retirement and beyond


Local and offshore model portfolio and investment methodology to suit your life stage and specific requirements

Independent Advice

By partnering with a range of independent best-of-breed partners we are able to offer a well-researched, easy-to-understand, tax-efficient and competitive offering tailored to your needs


In-depth balance sheet analysis of your business to advise you on the adequate risk solutions


A financial needs analysis and risk inventory giving an overview on life, disability, dread disease and short-term insurance needs


A comprehensive estate plan that provides an overview of your assets and tax liability at death

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